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Walter International has been at the service of investors since its inception in 2009. We have been offering our diverse range of clients a wide array of global trade options, and portfolio management services. We combine the extensive knowledge our portfolio managers have amassed throughout years of experience with top of the line technology to implement our strategies. We are a pioneer in providing each of our clients the exceptional results that they deserve.

Today Walter International is one of Asia’s leading stockbroking firms, with our core focus strictly on our clients. Being a full service brokerage in one of the largest financial hubs in the world, we have had the privilege of working with some of the best names in research and analytics. Since our beginning in 2009 we have had the pleasure of building unique portfolios for each of our clients.

Working with individuals, companies and institutional investors, we aim to create diverse portfolios that are consistently profitable and fit in with their financial goals and ambitions. Walter international believes that clients should always be the center focus with any decision regarding their portfolios. With this approach to how we handle our business we know that working with one of our portfolio managers, you will be more than happy with the service and results we provide.

Institutional Trading

Institutional Trading

Walter International ’s skilled team of institutional traders are highly motivated to bring each of our clients focused advice that is suited to their business and goals. When creating a successful portfolio for your business, you have many factors to consider...

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Walter International provides in depth analysis of companies, industries, world economies and financial markets. We are known throughout Asia as one of the leaders in financial research and investment analysis, this due to our dedication...

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Why Us

As a full service broker, we give you a full service. Walter International offers each and every one of our clients a very broad and diverse choice of investment opportunities, this combined with our tailor made portfolio, we can create a unique portfolio...